Discovery Of A Rat

by The Central

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Engineered by Lucas Bielejewski
Artwork by Cameron Davis
For Dale Bjorklund


released September 30, 2016

Blue Bedroom Records 2016



all rights reserved


The Central Madison, Wisconsin


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Track Name: Australian Karate Jew
he comes from a land down under
he was taught by the japanese karate master
dont you talk to me, dont you speak to me
this it wont be, it wont be the same way with thoughts of you locked up in my head, I may forgive but I wont forget and one day I will get rid of you
I will be the last thing that you see because I don't depend on you
now i cant believe my eye, he had proved to be much more than just some hebrew guy
this it wont be, it wont be (the same), the same way that it was before
I will be the one who is smashing your brains upon the floor
Track Name: Aku Law
Threw open a portal in time, brought me to a place where your evil is law
I do not have a name but you can call me Jack
I will defeat Aku and bring the sunshine back
"My evil is law"
Why am I here.
I must return to my own time.
Track Name: Totem Bowl
walk to all your destinations and no one's even asking why
you notice when i'm late but not when i'm on time
I rush to leave home to smoke this blunt on time
picking up rellos-an angry belated birthday
we pack this bowl, this bowl, we pack this bowl for two
we pack this bowl for, Ajeff rolls and he sparks the blunt
we totem bowl in this motherfuck
wake up your neighbors looking for papers
they claim they dont do that but the totem bowl is already packed
Track Name: Thai Guy
I am the joke, the man in the large leather coat
I am the, the man, the joke
I am the joke, the man in the large leather coat
again: i have soap in my eyes
again: who the fuck is this guy
call me the man
come, wash your car, rub your back, cut no slack
before I blast the verbs i pass
pass that green herb
Track Name: Pop Culture Prostitute
You praise your scene and believe that it is a "thing"
if it had not been then you wouldn't be
keep smelling your farts when you walk in the club here's what I see:
you dick around, get up and leave "they aren't from the town"
get up and leave "they aren't out of town"
fucking display, fuck all your bloodshed to put on a play
I'm sick of constantly dealing with you god damn sons of bitches
Track Name: DeathJazz Now
People are so obsessed with stupid shit these days
No I, I will not pay a visit to your EDM rave
No I, I will not stay there
Run there's no one to blame
Dumb how is it the same
Desperate to find a way out
That's what life is about
Deathjazz playing finding you're house
I know that's what life is about
Track Name: Pallet Cleanser
I'll rub your back and hold your hand cause i'm your friend
you saw me leave and heard me die, I'm back again
I won't say hi, I won't look up, I won't pretend
no fake smile to smell your breath and shake your hand
I won't hold you high above my shoulders
you crossed the line and now you are older
I don't want to hear what you have to say
I won't stick around and I won't stay
Track Name: Statues
Do you need to wake up, looking boring as fuck
if you don't want to be here just leave
you can be the vast majority
why can't you see all you'll amount to be
just a fucking statue
you need someone to hold you or need a scented tissue
you need someone to push you down the stairs
I can be, I can be that guy
won't be hard, won't be hard to try
you only get one chance to grab some tits
got one chance to impress that bitch
you only got one chance to stack some wealth
you only got one chance so i'll kill myself
you need someone to hold you
I need someone to hold me
you can pull out your iPhone and pretend to be somewhere else
you cannot escape and leave your boyfriend by himself
Track Name: Name To Impress
You want to see it all
You want to live a life
You want to give it up
You want to pay the price?
I'll give you my name to impress them

What the fuck.

Not here to take you back with me
Not here to help you
Not here to say you're right, you're wrong
I won't, won't talk, talk to a little kid
I won't talk to you

I've seen this before a dumb hick with a big head
Keep rolling your coal, big truck for a small dick
I'll show you the meaning of pain

There will be hell to pay
Raising your cigarette baby-oh you broken bitch

I Guess the world needs fuckers too.
Track Name: Feelings
Why does this happen every fucking time
i'm through living this pointless fucking life
how can it be so?
i'm nothing but a fucking joke
no direction, not quite sure what i am after
want to be good to me, i want to be good to you
you will not hurt my feelings
Track Name: Dirty Scoundrel
I'll have my hair cut just like you
i'll have my shirt tucked just like you
without the warm embrace just like you
i'll hold my head high
i'll make my amends just like you
throw my head to the ground just like you
without the warm embrace just like you
i'll hold my head high, i will hold my head high
why can't i face this, ill throw it to the ground
my hate increases, my thoughts will be profound
why can't I hold it, why can't I hold shit down

i'm never gunna see you again